Raise the alarm! The caravanserai is mustering their defenses, and the party only has a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before a full-force military defense is organized against them!

Commander Staubel is somewhere in Tallgrasses, and her forces stand ready.


**NOTE: For some reason, twitch.tv was having massive issues with video and highlight processing immediately after our show this week. This has translated into some audio issues, so sorry for the less-than-stellar quality :(



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Music from Owlcat Games Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Super cool dudes for going open license! https://owlcatgames.com/

Sound effects and ambiance provided by Syrinscape! https://www.syrinscape.com/

Royalty-free background music assortment by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com/music/

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