Only a few totems remain, and then we mount to move on the Cinderclaw gold mining operation. We aren't sure what it is or what it's for, but if the Ci...View Details

Before we can resupply in Akrivel and take down the last few totems, we'll have to pass the scrutiny of the Leopard Clan's leaders. The Twin Leopards ...View Details

We thought maybe we would have to take down a few more of these totems, but surely they could only have created so many. By definition there HAS to be...View Details

The jungle is riddled with these strange powerful totems. The Cinderclaw have taken great pains to establish and defend these- if we're to breach thei...View Details

Lord Thaddius Stoutmoore, renowned archaeologist, has his safari just nearby in the jungle. We should pay him a visit before moving on, apparently he ...View Details

We've tracked the Cinderclaws back to their lair from the village of the Elephant People. We're far from Akrivel and any Ekujae support. Can the party...View Details

The depths of the jungle are uncomfortable and unsafe. An expedition even just to the Elephant People, with Rur's divine magic guiding us, is still a ...View Details

Akrivel has been great, but we're here for a much grander reason than befriending the locals. The Cinderclaws that came through the portal to Breachil...View Details

So far, the Mwangi Expanse has been surprisingly hospitable- mostly thanks to the local Ekujae elves. If we're going to seek out the Cinderclaws here ...View Details

All our adventures so far have led us to this magical gateway- a portal in a long-abandoned elven ring. The party has dealt with all kinds of monsters...View Details

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