The Night of the Green Moon is upon us! This festival crowns us, each and all, as full-fledged Tusks and members of the Following proper. Tonight may ...View Details

Before the Festival begins, the party needs to make sure everything is ready. The ancient ritual site at Rockloom needs to be scouted out, and ceremon...View Details

Life in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a tough existence. This fact is known well by the Broken Tusks- one of the many nomadic followings that trav...View Details

We were brought together with a single common thread- the hatred of one man. With Gaedren long since vanquished, our tenuous alliance seems to be crum...View Details

The last mission we'll have with the Korvosan Guard in s1 of THE HOOK takes us to an abandoned sepulchre known as the Dead Warrens. Once an ancient Sh...View Details

Our pursuit of the King's assassin leads us into a rooftop chase throughout the Shingles! The suspect is well at home up here, and we're... very much ...View Details

Hiding within his lair on the Eel's End, the King of Spiders has some important blackmail on a Chelish ambassador to the city. We need to recover it, ...View Details

Normally, when we have some strange technical issues on the streaming side that force us to restart the stream, we're able to stitch the two videos to...View Details

Cornered in his butcher shop "All World's Meat", the deserter from the Korvosan Guard makes his stand against the heroes. The question of why he and t...View Details

Our heroes have taken the new Queen's offer to join the Korvosan Guard, and help the city where they can. Taken to Citadel Volshyenek, they prepare fo...View Details

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