Still lost amongst the ancient lands of the ethgir, our heroes lead the Broken Tusks through lost canyons and ancient vales. These lands have had litt...View Details

Moving into long-forgotten territory to escape the Burning Mammoths, our heroes can only hope their speed and diversions can keep them with the lead t...View Details

Grum'bak waits in the back of Red Cat Cave, but something is wrong. After the loss of the Primordial Flame over a century ago, what's left of his spir...View Details

Red Cat Cave- none of the Broken Tusks have been there in generations, but with Grandfathers Sven's last guidance sending us to this lost piece of his...View Details

Our journey across the Realm of the Mammoth Lords continues, as we march ever closer to the peaks of the east and the Red Cat Cave. With the Burning M...View Details

Forced out from our celebration of the coming of spring by a horde of Burning Mammoth warriors, the Broken Tusk following has to retreat along their m...View Details

The Night of the Green Moon is upon us! This festival crowns us, each and all, as full-fledged Tusks and members of the Following proper. Tonight may ...View Details

Before the Festival begins, the party needs to make sure everything is ready. The ancient ritual site at Rockloom needs to be scouted out, and ceremon...View Details

Life in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a tough existence. This fact is known well by the Broken Tusks- one of the many nomadic followings that trav...View Details

We were brought together with a single common thread- the hatred of one man. With Gaedren long since vanquished, our tenuous alliance seems to be crum...View Details

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