Summershade Quarry has fallen, and with it the Triad in Ravounel! With the nation safe from the looming threat of the slavers, the time has come to ma...View Details

There isn't much room left for Vayris to hide, and we've cut through everything the Triad has put in front of us. Dozens of slaves trapped in the pit ...View Details

Triad enforcers, and now giants- what else could the Vayris have brought to defend Summershade Quarry? We soon discover the giants are here for reason...View Details

As we push through the Scarlet forces in the quarry, it turns out there is more at play here than just a clan of dwarven enforcers and other assorted ...View Details

Summershade Quarry waits near the Chelish border to the south- and that's where the scarlet commander Vayris lies waiting. We have to reach her before...View Details

With the Bellflower Network saved and the city of Kintargo largely safe, we're free to pursue leads elsewhere for the Scarlet Triad. Before we do, how...View Details

The wizard is cornered- now it's time to find out why the Scarlet Triad is here... and put an end to it!   Catch our show LIVE on every Satu...View Details

Valia seems as capable as ever, and with our new (old?) friend we'll put an end to this Scarlet menace! The question is- what was making the big stomp...View Details

We've got lives to save and slaves to emancipate- we have to make our way to Tanessen Tower to take out the root of the Scarlet infection!   Catch our...View Details

The Scarlet Triad is making their move on Kintargo- and if we're going to help our new friends in the Bellflower Network, we'll have to move as well! ...View Details

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