We've bested a pair of boggards (and their peacocks) to gain a foothold inside the basement of Citadel Altaerein, but there's a whole legion of cultis...View Details

After turning Calmont in to the guard to face justice, the next step seemed to be heading underneath Citadel Altaerein with our newfound ally Tyrannis...View Details

Citadel Altaerein is far from vacant, with all manner of vermin and monsters roaming its abandoned halls. The party doesn't know the layout of the cit...View Details

It's a new dawn, a new edition of Pathfinder, and certainly a new adventure! Join our freshly-minted adventurers as they attend Breachill's monthly "C...View Details

It's been a glorious journey over 72 episodes of the War for the Crown, but it's time for this adventure to come to an end. Having learned about the C...View Details

We know exactly what we'll find at the center of the Immaculate Circle- Panivar Lotheed, the architect behind this cult of immortality. All that's lef...View Details

This was going pretty well, we thought, until these damn immortals just decided not to die! Who could possibly have known that a centuries-old undying...View Details

What... is this place? Where are we, and who is operating out of this insane lair? We've found more Blood Spawn down here, so we've definitely got a h...View Details

We're here, we're alive, and the Imperial Archive is where we're going. Who knows what the abandoned town of Hyden may hold in its center? I'm betting...View Details

With two years to hone his craft, Belor has truly become one of the most powerful wizards in Taldor. With a single spell, he has found a destination f...View Details

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