The time has finally come to confront Voz Lirayne, the necromancer responsible for the activation of the wards underneath Altaerein, and find out what...View Details

With the crypts now firmly behind us (and their awful wards), we gathered our forces and headed up to see what awaited us in Guardian's Way. Once an o...View Details

The next step here is definitely to investigate Voz Lirayne, the owner of the Reliant Book Company and old friend of Res'mae and Dal'ren. Clearly she ...View Details

Desperate to be rid of the darkness and undeath beneath Citadel Altaerein, the party is perfectly happy to have something to pursue back in town- whoe...View Details

We've been exploring these basements underneath the abandoned citadel for so long, we're starting to wonder if we may ever see the sun again... Howeve...View Details

Citadel Altaerein may just be the death of us! After a touch-and-go situation with the seemingly endless Cinderclaw forces, we're left to ponder how b...View Details

We've bested a pair of boggards (and their peacocks) to gain a foothold inside the basement of Citadel Altaerein, but there's a whole legion of cultis...View Details

After turning Calmont in to the guard to face justice, the next step seemed to be heading underneath Citadel Altaerein with our newfound ally Tyrannis...View Details

Citadel Altaerein is far from vacant, with all manner of vermin and monsters roaming its abandoned halls. The party doesn't know the layout of the cit...View Details

It's a new dawn, a new edition of Pathfinder, and certainly a new adventure! Join our freshly-minted adventurers as they attend Breachill's monthly "C...View Details

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