With Martella freed, and the contract taken out upon the party by the Brotherhood of Silence canceled, the storm seems to finally have passed. Taldor still stands with no ruler, and the War for the Crown is truly beginning. Senators from all over the country are throwing their hats in the ring!

The party has proven themselves capable, and Lady Martella could use allies now more than ever. Finally, they get to meet the power pulling her strings...


So, as is unfortunately all too common with adults trying to keep a tabletop game going, schedules change and people have to be shuffled around sometimes. This episode introduces two roster changes to our group: a new player taking over for Dara Rostam, and a brand new player character entirely!


Check out the Discord server for a text write-up of #TheStorySoFar (that's the channel) to get a real quick catch-up to the current episode!


Background this music are the OSTs from my twitch.tv livestream, since the audio had to be ripped from the VoD. I had not expected to be able to continue this podcast with the migration of the livestream over to Paizo's official channel!

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